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 Mobile Quarry, Recycling & Eartmoving Equipment
 Quality Volvo Attachments mean that you can get the maximum productivity out of your machine. Purpose-built examples include quick couplers, buckets, breakers, thumbs, shears, grapples etc. – all designed to work in harmony with the specifics of these machines.
Home away from home
The Volvo Care Cab is a great place to spend the workday. Getting on board is safe and easy, thanks to bolted anti-slip steps and high visibility handrails. For easier transportation, an optional entrance step and walkway can be folded away.
Once seated, operators enjoy both a low noise and low vibration environment, safe in the knowledge that the cab is protected by ROPS structure that exceeds industry standards for this weight class. They are also presented with best-in-class visibility, a benefit improved further if optioned with a one-piece front window. Technology also plays a part here, thanks to rear and side cameras, along with the all-round Volvo Smart View option, especially useful when working in confined locations.
   Uptime a priority
The EC530E and EC550E have been designed with high durability and maximum reliability at their core – even when working in tough applications. Clever measures include the removal of hydraulic pilot lines, reducing the number of couplings needed. The electrical system is also now more robust, thanks to connectors that exceed the tough water ingress protection standards. Time and maintenance costs are further reduced, due to the engine oil and filter change intervals extended to 1,000 hours and ground-level access to grouped filters. A three-point right hand side access to the upper structure provides easy access to the UREA/DEF tank, which also features a splash guard to avoid spillages (and corrosion risk).
Volvo CE’s portfolio of Uptime Services is key to ensuring long term machine performance and profitability. Oil Analysis, Care Inspection, and Undercarriage Inspections help keep machines in top condition, while easy-to-read reports – powered by CareTrack telematics system – help owners track productivity, fuel efficiency, and machine condition. For even less hassle Volvo Uptime Centres can monitor the machine and notify customers if required. This service is called Volvo Active Care.
Question: when is a 50-ton excavator just like a 60-ton machine?
Answer: when it is a Volvo EC530E and EC550E. July-Aug 21 - Issue 69
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