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 handler instead.’’ Mark then goes on to describe some further benefits that the electric machine has over a diesel powered one, ‘’There is no comparison in terms of running cost and servicing costs, the electric machines are by far the cheaper option. We are also seeing a big difference in terms of power on this handler, compared to the diesel one that we used to run. The power never seems to fluctuate, whereas we would sometimes get some inconsistencies with the diesel-powered engines’’. This MHL 820 came with a donkey engine, which allows the customer to move unit whilst disconnected from the power source.
Doppstadt’s Electric Offering
Doppstadt already offer their highly popular SM series trommel and their new Methor multipurpose shredder, in fully electric versions. They also plan to add electric machine offerings to both their high speed and slow speed shredder lines.
The SM 518 Flex e-mobile unit has been available for a few years now and has been highly successful in Germany and across Europe. The Methor Shredder which was released last year, is available with either a diesel engine or electric motor. Seen as a multipurpose recycling system, the Methor is unstoppable when; opening bags, dosing, charging, disintegrating, crushing, or cutting. It can handle a wide range of applications, under the most adverse conditions.
Blue Group are proud to supply the Powerscreen, Fuchs and Doppstadt brands and we are now excited to be able to offer you their latest electric/hybrid technology as we move into a new age for materials processing equipment.
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