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 Bulk Handling
   Caterpillar 325DL - Hong Kong - Guinea - Recycling Rocks Recycling Granite
existing blocks and crushed them down to an output size between 0-3cm (1” minus) and then distributed it over the substrate, creating an excellent mixture capable of withstanding heavy loads. All of the work was done by reusing waste material and
without requiring trucks.
Need #4: cutting precisely without wasting resources
When working close to the ocean and having limited space, it is essential to work with precision.
This was the case at an important port in Japan, where a long anti-storm barrier needed to be raised by one meter (around 3 feet). They needed to mill the
concrete exterior to ensure that the new casting would adhere to the old surface, guaranteeing impermeability, stability, and external drainage of
water. MB Crusher’s drum cutter can grind the reinforced concrete layer without damaging the original structure.
Komatsu PC360 LC - Ireland, Dublin Port - Recycling Reinforced Concrete Mar-Apr 21 - Issue 67
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