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Low cost,
sensors for
Solids level sensing just got easier and more affordable.
VEGA has extended its already proven VEGAPULS family for continuous level sensing and indication in bulk solids and liquids. They are designed to deliver even more flexibility, safety, confidence and reliability to aggregate processing and handling businesses. The new non-contact level sensors are based on the latest FMCW 80-GHz technology with a specially developed VEGA radar-level microchip and low price, it represents a real alternative to ultrasonic level technology in the aggregates industry. It makes it highly economical for those applications found in the sector, from small hoppers to large storage silos and crushers. The compact loop powered radar is available in two versions: with a standard housing and as an ultra- compact with fixed cable connection (IP68). They all offer safer, easier, and faster Bluetooth set up and monitoring via the free, award winning VEGA TOOLS App. Totally self-contained, which means no control box on the wall is needed.
Strong focusing ensures measurement without the jumps.
With 80-GHz technology, the radar beam is much more focused and can be aimed at the surface level to be measured with pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to this strong signal focusing, build up and deposits on the container wall or on the sensor face itself are no problem. This technology offers a solution for accurate, consistent level indication, even in narrow shafts, or when there are deposits on hopper vessel walls, or where silo internals such a braces and reinforcing could create false signals and readings that jump around. To optimise the measurement to the bottom of your silo an easy aiming option is in the VEGA TOOLS App too.
No dead zones for measurement in confined spaces.
One special advantage of these new affordable radar sensors is they also have a smaller dead/blanking zone, thus enabling them to measure closer to the top of the vessel. Typical areas of application are areas where headspace is limited, like crushers, mills, or hoppers when capacity is at a premium. They even feature a right- angle cable option for when installation space is tight, and the sensor sizes are much smaller too.
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