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Washing Feature Story
  Cornets End Quarry
Woodcote Wood Quarry:
This was the 3rd plant that the PowerX Equipment team delivered and in total was an investment of £4.5 million for NRS Group and is projected to process up to 200,000 tonnes/annum.
The plant produces quality concrete aggregates for local use as well as feeding an on-site bagging plant and manufactures specialist mortar sands for nationwide use.
The specification included the Terex® Aggwash 300 which was the world’s first modular scrubbing station to integrate heavy attrition with sizing lightweight contaminants removal, and hydro cyclone-based fines recovery in a single highly portable chassis. Incorporating two 16 x 5 screens and a 200tph log washer the plant specification includes a FM 200C - a 200tph high-capacity twin grade sand plant and a 16m thickener system. A feature of the process is the inclusion of an AMP plant which receives any overflow from the sand plant and produces a cut on a really fine sand in order to ensure a pure 50-micron material.
A recirculatory system handles any oversize material which is returned to a TC1000 Cone Crusher.
Currently a 2m x 2m x 220 plate press is being installed by PowerX Equipment to eliminate the need for a second silt lagoon, which would sterilise reserve.
Cornets End Quarry:
Cornets End Quarry is the latest NRS Aggregates operation and boasts a 20 x 6 rinsing screen, a Powerscrub 200 modular logwasher and a 20 x 6 sizing screen. A pre-wash system incorporates an FM150 and FM120.
Currently the plant is predominantly processing sand and gravel, but C&D waste is also fed to the plant.
The crushing circuit can be switched depending on feed, between a 1000 cone crusher for sand and gravel and a horizontal impact crusher for C&D materials.
The Cornets End operation supplies local concrete plants alongside specialist mortar sands, and like Meriden materials for HS2 enabling works.
Currently, the PowerX Equipment team are installing a new sand fines plant to enable the manufacture of more specialist sands. Mar-Apr 21 - Issue 67
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