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We are proud to announce our partnership with Neutron Equipment Ltd which will allow us to offer and provide the full range of Taurus recycling solutions within UK.
TAURUS represents the highest expression of research & innovation and is recognised as a main player within the scrap industry. TAURUS is able to satisfy requirements for Balers, Shears, Rippers, Two Shafts Shears, Hammer Mills and Refiners with an impressive range of products in scrap recycling to satisfy the needs of customers.
The Colombo family states that “we are undoubtedly satisfied with the decision to cooperate with Neutron Equipment Ltd who will act as <<Taurus UK>>. We are confident that this relationship will provide great results for all parties involved. In fact, our continued market research within the UK territory indicates that there is a demand for innovative, efficient, and reliable turnkey solutions. In addition to a dependable and consolidated product, it is important to have an experienced local partner with an into depth understanding of the market and who is, furthermore, able to support the client during the sales process and provide aftersales support. For these reasons TAURUS and NEUTRON chose each other.”
With this agreement TAURUS takes great pride to present the new and renewed product line that we invite you to visit on the new website
If the Scrap doesn’t go to the shear... ...The Shear goes to the Scrap
“CAT” shear & baler that adapts to your working method. You will decide, wherever you want it to work, it will follow you. It’s not a new idea, it’s just a brilliant idea. The supporting structure can be equipped with 4 cylinders to ensure stability and ground alignment. In addition, the cylinders allow the shear & baler to be lifted, allowing loading and unloading from the means of transport, whether it is a tracked vehicle or a swan-neck semi-trailer. “CAT” can work directly on the ground. “CAT” series shears & balers are composed of a single monolithic self-supporting structure. The “CAT” shear is equipped with the original TAURUS “SWINGING WING” system with OVERSTROKE on BOTH WINGS SBxc (Patented).
 CAT" C662 C762 C863 C963
Cutting Force tons 600 700 800 900
 Clamp ****
Cutting Width mm 900 900 900 900
 Box Length mm 6100 6100 6100 6100
Cylinders per wing No 2 2 3 3
 Max Compression
force on each wing tons 300 300 450 450
Main Cylinder
compression force tons 150 150 150 150
 Electric Motor KW 132 132 200 200
Diesel Engine HP 300 300 300 300"
 Indicative Weight tons 80 85 100 105
Neutron Equipment Ltd, Field Barn Farm, Beenham, Reading, RG7 5LT
Tel: 01189 712 823 | Email:

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