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 The Eagle Iron Works Classifying Tank: Traditional and Semi-Portable
Horizontal classifying is a very efficient and effective method for situations where high quality requirements to the sand products are key. Classifying Tanks, also called Water Scalping Tanks, can be used for these primary functions: scalping large amounts of water from a slurry feed; diverting excess particles from the main product; removing silt; retaining finer mesh sizes; and making multiple products from a single feed.
Why select a Classifying Tank for your operation
The working principle is that the feed material flows through the long tank where the sand is being separated by differences in settling velocity between coarse and finer particles. Depending on the total capacity of the machine, the sand is being separated in up to 11 different fractions.
A sophisticated tank control system then re-blends these fractions into the desired end products or half products. One tank can make two controlled products simultaneously and a third product contains the excess material.
The most significant difference to any other classification system is that the computer continuously monitors the feed material and will keep the end products in spec, also when the feed changes. Furthermore, the computer will always aim for the highest yield in the most valuable product.
The main advantages of the classifying tank are:
• Fullyaccurateclassificationtypicallysetwithin+/-3%.
• Consistentqualityoftheendproducts,alsowhen fluctuations in the feed material occur.
• Automatic yield optimization for the most valuable product.
• Twoendproductsarebeingmadesimultaneously. • Veryenergyefficient.
• Extremelylowmaintenance.
Due to these advantages, Eagle Iron Works Classifying Tanks are being used in most high-level concrete projects like reservoirs for hydro-electric power plants and tunnel construction, but also in many aggregate plants all over the world. Through their dealer Syscom, Eagle Iron Works has supplied over 150 tanks into the European market.
Introducing the Mark X Control System
Eagle Iron Works recently introduced the Mark X control system, which is the ultimate in sand reblending systems. It has been designed and tested by a team of software engineers that fully understand the needs of customers to help maximize productivity.
A fully automated system, the Mark X continually monitors the tank’s activity and automatically adjusts station percentages, accordingly, maintaining the tight tolerances for typical construction sand specification. It can run single or multiple tanks with seven to 11 stations per tank and two to three valves per station.
The Mark X features a touchscreen interface that offers intuitive commands and provides all needed information. Real-time valve status indicators offer a look at what is happening inside the tank. When the valves are ready to release the material, simply tap on the valve on the screen to open it. The Mark X offers automatic and manual percentage adjustments to adapt to changing feeds and for stockpile calibration. > Mar-Apr 21 - Issue 67
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