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 Washing &
    “It also operates the automatic washing system which washes from the top down. This is completely different as alternate systems wash from the bottom up. When it is washing the press, a mobile trolley moves along with the washing system and collects all the water which is returned to the thickener.
“It’s an extremely fast automated system, we have full remote access to all the control on the plant so if there are any alarms, operator problems or issues we can remotely dial into the plant and can access all the alarms and the history and can then offer advice to the plant operator as to what he needs to action.
“The whole design philosophy of this plant is making everything as easy as possible, easy to access, easy to maintain, easy to service which has been a total success.”
Full access and control:
At Hartshill Quarry a dedicated press service room situated beneath the press contains all the critical components which protects everything from the weather making it easy to access and maintain.
A press control panel adjacent to the press allows the operator to control the moisture content on the cake by measuring the volume of filtrate water that is coming out of the press. As it gets to a set level the pump will stop and the
plates will be discharged.
Fintan, added “Control of the moisture content is done on the initial trials to achieve the perfect product by finding the balance on what is an acceptable moisture content in context to what is an acceptable production.”
Access and monitoring for the plant is done remotely. Another added feature is that CCTV has been installed within the press building allowing a 24-hour visual of the press which is accessible from a mobile phone.
Kash Chaudry – Director of CAL, commented,” It’s fantastic our new filter press is now commissioned and it’s the largest press of its kind in the UK!
“A big thank you to Fintan McKeever and his team for supplying and ensuring detailed completion of this engineering
masterpiece.” Mar-Apr 21 - Issue 67
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