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Besides availability, one of the aspects that attracted the Nolans to the UltraWASH was the rated tonnage of the machine, but this exceeded their expectations in the field.
“It’s delivering way more than we’ve ever dreamed, so I’m really happy with it,” James Nolan said.
“We’re actually outrunning our guys who are stockpiling raw material,” Graham added. “Production-wise, it’s better than expected. We are keeping up very easily with this product; it has not been a problem. The UltraWASH is doing a great job.”
Since they started operating the plant, James Nolan said the biggest benefit of the UltraWASH is how quiet it is. The Tri- Parish property borders a housing development, and the neighbors cannot hear the plant when it is running.
Graham likes that the UltraWASH is easy to operate.
“I really like that it’s one central unit,” Graham explained. “Everything’s maintained in one electrical panel. It is easy to work with; the PLC and everything make it very user-friendly. It is automated stop/start, so there is no guesswork and there
is no manually starting different components. You start it, it runs; you stop it, it stops. You can’t beat that.”
In addition to the UltraWASH’s performance, James Nolan is also pleased with the cleanliness of the product coming off the end of the machine.
“I guess I’m bragging on it, but it needs to be bragged on. It turns out a real good material. It is clean. I’m proud of it,” James Nolan said. “Even the guys at the plant, they realize the change in the material because we have started running out of here now and it’s a whole lot different. We do not have to be looking for mud balls and sticks and stuff like that because we send out a good product. We’re not going to send it out dirty, but this plant definitely helps us with a lot.”
The UltraWASH allows Tri-Parish to supply the concrete side of their business with a clean, high-quality product.
“Our goal and business is quality, and we’ve achieved it at this point,” James Nolan said.
The Tri-Parish team was also pleased with the support they received from everyone at McLanahan, from sales to project management to field service.
“My experience with McLanahan has been wonderful,” Graham said.
“They were all great in helping us facilitate getting the plant off the ground,” Gail Nolan shared. “They never left us behind. Any time we called them, they were always there and giving us an answer in a timely manner.”
“The machine is a good machine, but without service, it’s nothing,” James Nolan said. “The McLanahan team helped us out a lot. Without them, we couldn’t have made it.” Mar-Apr 21 - Issue 67
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