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Energy-efficient Aggredry® Dewatering Washer delivers sustainable sand washing solutions
John Bennington is the product manager for Superior's wet processing equipment.
With water conservation and cost-effective sand washing and fines recovery as its mission, U.S.-based Superior Industries has recently introduced its patented and field-proven Aggredry® Dewatering Washer to the global
marketplace. Engineered for sustainability, this energy-efficient sand washing solution combines a fine material washer and a dewatering screen in a single machine. Its innovative design ensures significant reductions in water use and horsepower requirements, and a higher volume of saleable product at lower costs per tonne.
Energy-efficient alternative to cyclone
“The Aggredry dewatering washer offers an energy-efficient alternative to the excessive horsepower requirements of cyclone plants, while allowing producers to effectively wash and dry the material, achieving precise sand specifications with a moisture content as low as 8-percent,” says John Bennington, a wet processing technology expert who serves as director of washing and classifying equipment for Superior Industries.
“While cyclones are commonly used in sand washing applications throughout Europe, the slurry pumps in cyclone plants significantly increase horsepower requirements and inflate energy costs,” he says.
“Using as little as one-third to one-half the horsepower per metric ton as that of the typical cyclone plant, the Aggredry dewatering washer delivers considerable energy cost savings, while producing a high-quality finished product that requires no drying time and is immediately saleable,” stresses Bennington.
Water-wise operation
Bennington notes that the Aggredry washer is engineered to minimize water usage while capturing, re-circulating and re- using valuable water resources within the system. This allows operations to cut water usage by 50-percent or more, when compared to conventional methods.
Bottom line, Bennington says that the Aggredry is designed to overcome all the disadvantages of wet processing – water and material waste; stockpiling space for drying time; and costly pond maintenance.
Within the Aggredry system, the fine material washer removes clay, dirt, and crusher dust from the sand. The dusty water is washed out the backside, while the saleable material is discharged to the integrated dewatering screen, where the remaining water is separated and captured for re-use. The result is finished saleable material with a moisture content ranging from 8- to 10-percent.
For optimum fines management at the wash circuit, the Aggredry washer features a fines recovery system where minus-.03 mm material fines collect in an under flume and are re-introduced back into the material washer via a water jet. “This patented technology saves at least 3-percent of that material for a saleable product and prevents unnecessary material waste going to a settling pond,” says Bennington. He stresses that this material savings really adds up, as at 100- metric-tons-per-hour production, material savings adds up to three-metric-tons-per-hour – or a full truckload of saleable material per each shift.
After a scrubbing process, material transfers to a dewatering screen and discharges with as little as 8% moisture.
The Aggredry® Dewatering Washer combines a fine screw and dewatering screen into a single footprint.
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