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Asphalt Plant
Woven wire for asphalt applications
TEMA Isenmann are well renowned for their wide range of polyurethane screening products, most notably the highly regarded WS85 modular system also have a long- standing business of manufacturing conventional woven wire screens for asphalt applications.
The Louis Herrmann company in Dresden commenced with the production of industrial screens in 1838. The company was epoch-making regarding the development of screening procedures; however, the business was destroyed during the second world war after which Hein Lehmann employed the most important employees of Louis Hermann and consequently secured all the rights and experience. Isenmann founded in 1949 was taken over by Hein Lehmann in the mid fifties and therefore was able to benefit from the vast experience.
Well proven over many years, the company’s woven wire screens have been designed to meet customer quality demands while offering cost effective operation.
The wire meshes are produced to the highest industry standard DIN 17223/ISO 4783-3 in either spring steel DIN 17223A or stainless steel 1.4301 which offers a high tensile strength up to 2100N/mm2 and long service life.
...You do asphalt woven wire screen meshes
Produced according to DIN 4192 / ISO 4783-3
in Spring Steel DIN 17223 A or Stainless Steel 1.4301 aperture range from 1.0mm square x 0.5mm Ø wire upwards
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