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Asphalt Plant
A problem that is difficult to solve:
The biggest problems relate to the preservation of the mixed materialwhenstoredforlongperiodsoftime,associated with:
• Thedemandsofamarketoftenpresentingafragmentation ofsuppliestomanyjobseachrequiringsmallormedium amounts of asphalt mix, making it difficult to efficiently satisfy every single request.
• The proliferation of mixes often requiring the production of the same product on multiple occasions throughout the day. Together with the costs associated with either starting
or cleaning out of the production plant to satisfy this requirement.
• Theincreasingfrequencyofnightandweekendworks requiring mix outside the normal operating hours of production facilities and the support network for such.
• Therequirementformixwithinconurbationsandthe difficulties associated with the operation of production facilities close to these sites of product requirement.
Andrew, continued, “Opportunities exist for producers to satisfy changing market requirements, providing their customers with a ready supply of quality mix. Astec long-term storage silos have particular characteristics which allow the producer to insulate the material for four days with the guarantee of preserving the technical characteristics of the mix.”
Technology and potential:
At first sight they look simple silos, however within they contain sophisticated technology that comes from a deep knowledge of the material, the dynamics of oxidation and loss of the mix’s physical and chemical properties.
Astec long-term storage silos allow producers to use the silos as a conventional surge bin during the busy time of day. At the end of the day time-consuming start/stop operations can be avoided and silo filling can commence while continuing
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