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Asphalt Plant
Having a clear market vision is anything but simple, especially at a time when trends and responses are rapidly changing.
The evolution of market demand requires an increasing flexibility with how asphalt mix is produced and also stored, based on the relatively limited shelf life of the finished product. To be successful, producers need to formulate a strategy that meets the demands of the market, while limiting excess production of unused asphalt mix and enhancing production efficiency.
Andrew, commented, “The desire to embrace more environmentally responsible technologies, together with the economic advantages of inclusion of high levels of recycled products within asphalt mix is encouraging producers to evaluate their production methods. However, to enhance the economic and environmental benefits requires production equipment to be utilised at maximum efficiency. This is often in conflict with a requirement to fulfill small orders. Especially when different mix designs are required for these smaller orders, which are difficult to manage in a rational way, but often represent an important part of the overall volume the producer turns out.”
A Clear
Market Vision
Andrew Pettingale – MD of BG Europa talks about a highly technological solution for long-term storage of asphalt from Astec... September/October 2019 - Issue 58
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