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Volvo A60Hs get to grips
hauling Kentish Ragstone for
Gallagher Aggregates Ltd
Following a successful trial and detailed evaluation, Gallagher Aggregates Ltd has opted for two Volvo A60H articulated haulers as prime movers for hauling Kentish Ragstone at its Hermitage Quarry near Maidstone.
Following an initial enquiry made at last year’s Hillhead exhibition, the 55 tonne capacity A60H was trialed by Gallagher Aggregates to assess the suitability of introducing an articulated hauler of this size to the operations at Hermitage. “In essence, we were impressed with the tonnage moved for a very economical fuel burn, together with fast cycle times” comments Gallagher’s Operations Manager Pat Gooney. “It certainly proved to be a success in all areas of the quarry’s production and was an immediate hit with our operators. The two new trucks are carrying out the same production of the three fifty tonne trucks they replace, and we are already seeing the immediate benefits when it comes to fuel consumption and the savings on running costs, whilst maintaining the production we require” he continues.
Specifically for Gallagher Aggregates, the two A60Hs have had additional features fitted to them including 200mm side extensions coupled to a cantilever tailgate, increasing the hauler’s body capacity to 39m3 and maximizing payload. To give extra protection to the hitch area and cab, optional front spill guards have been added to the front of the skips. Thus configured the trucks are capable of handling all of the duties on site, which includes hauling blasted material from the face to the primary crusher, besides some secondary duties around the plant. Working ten-hour shifts Monday to Friday, with half a day on Saturday, the two new A60Hs will contribute to the annual output of the quarry. “Again, we are really impressed with the power of the trucks, especially on the gradients with the typical payloads they are carrying” says Pat. “The new arrivals are proving very popular with their operators too. The cab is extremely comfortable and has been well thought out in its design. The two-speed reverse and fast tip and lower functions add to the overall faster cycle times, and Volvo’s unique suspension system provides excellent load retention and operator comfort.”
With an industry leading 55 tonne (60 ton) payload, the A60H brings a new dimension to reducing the cost per tonne of material moved, using tried and tested frame and powertrain designs with the emphasis on fuel efficiency. The A60H is powered by a 16 litre Volvo engine, delivering 495 kW and 3200Nm of torque, and has a maximum speed of 54.9kph. It shares the same features and benefits in terms of design and overall layout as its smaller brothers in the Volvo articulated hauler range.
With the A60H, valuable data is on hand to improve onsite efficiency and save costs. With intelligent systems from Volvo, such as: MATRISTM, CareTrackTM and the On-Board Weighing
system, customers can optimize production and minimize operational costs. Volvo uses the latest technology to monitor machine operation and status, advising on the best ways to increase profitability. The On Board Weighing System guarantees the optimal load every cycle. This maximizes production, boosts fuel efficiency and reduces machine wear in all site conditions and operations.
The ground-breaking A60H features the latest innovations from Volvo. With matched drivetrain, automatic drive combinations, including 100% differential locks, all terrain bogie, hydro mechanical steering and active suspension, this machine is unbeatable. Fitted with an active hydraulic front suspension for higher hauling speeds in tough conditions, the A60H optimizes operator comfort and stability during travel, allowing more material to be moved in a shorter time for unmatched productivity. The A60H’s dump support system, Hill Assist and load and dump brake, all help the operator, to stay in control, for extra productivity and safety.
The new arrivals at Gallagher Aggregates have been supplied with an enhanced four-year, 10000 hour driveline warranty and will be serviced and maintained by Volvo trained engineers under SMT GB’s Level Two ENHANCE service agreement.
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