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“At one time we ran 11 Metso machines,” Darren said. “They were the Rolls-Royce (of crushers) and pretty much bomb-proof. Through Euan, I went up to Jamieson Quarries in Aberdeenshire to see their J-1480 working. I was pretty impressed with that I saw. We then brought the demo machine into here and, to be honest, it was the equivalent of the Metso 3054. That’s the top of the tree. We will work a machine hard. It’s here to do a job; if anyone wants to test something, bring it to us. But that’s what’s expected. I won’t hide anything. The 1480 crusher has helped us; I’m very impressed.”
Willie Shields added, “Our operators are so used to Metso machines that they couldn’t see past them. It took a little while (to get used to the J-1480) but now there aren’t any negative comments. They’re easy to use and very modern. Nothing has jumped out that’s given us a problem.
“We suffer in here from sticky materials, and it’s handled those well. There was an issue when we had the demonstrator in, and we changed a couple of things that we wanted in the design. One of the chutes was particularly sticky and had a tendency to choke up. We’ve now done that and we’re not having that same issue.” September/October 2019 - Issue 58
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