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everything sits to the side and there is full access round all sides of the press.”
Fintan, continued, “There is a robot mounted on top of the press which does three things – it opens the plates, five at a time and shakes them, which other overhead beams don’t do and also operates the automatic washing system which washes from the top down. This is completely different as alternate systems wash from the bottom up.
“It’s a very fast system and the only press in the country that has a completely flush floor so when the ‘bomb doors’ close up it’s completely flush so you can actually walk through the plates making it very easy to change the filter cloths; whereas on other presses it’s very difficult to access everything. The whole design philosophy of this plant is making everything as easy as possible, easy to access, easy to maintain, easy to service which has been a total success.”
A problem solver:
James Hartley – Director of Arthur’s Skips, commented, “The whole investment is down to the realisation of the opportunities and a way of dealing with a problem by reducing landfill. We have been flat out since commissioning and we can’t produce aggregates quick enough for the local market!
“The installation of the water treatment plant and the press has allowed us to sell the filter cakes to land restoration and we are also working with Sheffield University to get it into a product as well. There are a lot of opportunities for this material. It’s too good for landfill as it has so many good nutrients in it.
“The water treatment system is phenomenal. The whole operation wouldn’t work efficiently without it; it works effortlessly ensuring the whole system is in harmony. Absolutely first-class service from Max Innovate, a very knowledgeable team and the back-up is superb.” September/October 2019 - Issue 58
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