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Availability is a key factor in Norwood’s purchasing decisions and testimonials from existing Atlas customers vouched for the longevity and reliability that comes from the Deutz engined material handler. The 6.1 litre engine sits low inside the upper structure allowing the operator a relatively unimpeded view across the rear of the machine. Large gullwing canopies open up on either side of the body to allow unrestricted access to the cooling pack on one side and the hydraulic system on the other. A key feature on the loader is a reversing fan on the cooling pack. Automatically engaged, the fan clears the radiator cores at regular intervals resulting in lower dust and debris build up which would eventually decrease the machine’s performance.
The machine’s performance from day one has impressed the team at Norwood. “It’s proving to be a reliable and productive machine.” Jamie comments “We believe we have made the best purchase for our company with the Atlas.” September/October 2019 - Issue 58
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