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Constantly on the move.
Hundreds of recycling services professionals from the most demanding markets like Germany, the USA, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Great Britain have chosen recycling machines from Pronar. So far 40 machines delivered by this Polish manufacturer can be found in the UK alone with a number of units pending delivery. This is no coincidence and could not be achieved without a great value for money and a wide portfolio of recycling machines.
The current line-up of Pronar recycling machines consists of five mobile shredders, eight trommel screens, five stackers and a compost turner – a total of 20. These are versatile machines that are prepared for hard work even in toughest environment. With numerous options and high flexibility of designing new features, every machine can be tailored according to the customer needs.
The Pronar mobile trommel screens range consists of eight models with four available drums sizes, with dimensions varying from 4.4m length x 1.4m diameter up to 7.2 m length x 2.0 m diameter. The numbers which come
with each model indicate the drum size, so in
example MPB
20.55 means
that the drum diameter is 2.0 m and its length 5.5 m.
MPB 14.44, MPB 18.47, MPB 20.55 and MPB 20.72 come with wheeled chassis as standard. This provides easy machine transport for multi-site companies or hire fleets, especially on short or medium distances. The three largest models can be upgraded to a tracked version which provides a greater stability and makes these suitable to work in difficult terrain. Tracked machines are marked as MPB 18.47g, MPB 20.55g and MPB 20.72g.
The most advanced trommel from Pronar is an MPB 20.55gh which is fitted on a special frame lifted by four hydraulic cylinders. This mechanism allows the user to level the machine
and operate normally on an uneven surface.
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