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Successfully processing material at Roan Edge for 10 years
A significant milestone has been achieved by DUO Processing with ten years of successful contract crushing, screening and washing at Roan Edge Quarry...
The 42-hectare site at Roan Edge has 14 million tonnes of reserves of gritstone. Known as siliceous sandstone this material has a high polished stone value of 60, making it useful for roadstone and other highly desirable materials for the UK’s roads infrastructure and other industries for years to come.
Operating under a crushing, dry screening and washing contract DUO Processing have provided a comprehensive unit cost processing facility which was tailored from the outset to suit the customer’s needs.
Terex® Aggresand 206 Modular Wash Plant:
Featuring a range of state-of-the-art machinery the washing
process at Roan Edge is centred around the ‘world beating’ Terex® Aggresand 206 Modular Wash Plant which combines aggregate washing and screening with sand processing on a modular chassis.
In its readily portable format, the Terex® Aggresand 206 Modular Wash Plant is particularly suitable for green-field applications, contractor use and temporary planning permission sites. However, operators more used to static installations will still appreciate the small footprint and minimal site preparations required. In all cases installation time is significantly less than conventional builds thanks to the high level of factory pre-fitting and connections. September/October 2019 - Issue 58
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