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Lindner & Mach
Tech Services Feature
batteries have entered the stream and have caused heat spots to appear and the potential of combustion. This system identifies a hot-spot and then the line is either stopped or a simple flap allows for the removal and isolation of the heat source.”
New Unique Atlas Shredder Launch
Lindner are also about to launch their brand-new Atlas machine which will be fully electric, high torque and will see unique energy transfer technology between shafts to give the machine a 20-25% increase in energy efficiency. The machine will be launched in October 2019 in Austria and then in the UK in November / December. HUB-4 will of course bring you more on this new product soon.
Lindner Marketing
We spoke with Pia Steiner, Marketing Manager for Lindner about how close they work with their clients to promote Lindner “Since 2018 we have been creating a new marketing and communications strategy with our clients where we ask them to talk about their experience with Lindner and how their plants are working for them. This creates a bias free view of their experiences that we can pass onto potential new clients via our marketing channels and is a true picture of the levels of service and quality of machines that we provide to our clients. It’s a way in which we can show how close to our customers we are and it’s great that they are proud to represent themselves with the Lindner brand.”
Mach Tech Services– Lindner’s UK Partner
Once back in the UK HUB-4 went along to find out more about Mach Tech, Lindner’s sole partner in the UK. Founded in 2004 by Joe Hoyle, David Ingham and the late Colin Wood, Mach Tech has always been a service inspired shredder specialist business delivering the highest quality to clients across the country. After three years of servicing and maintaining a variety of shredder brands to the highest quality, gaining valuable experience, and building up a committed customer base, Mach Tech became the preferred partner for Lindner in 2007. This new partnership enabled Mach Tech to offer a brand-new range of products to its clients who demanded the highest standards of production and servicing.
Mach Tech’s Ethos
We Talked with Joe Hoyle, Managing Director and David Ingham, Director. Joe started by telling us about the growth “Our key to success has always been based around our service and the levels of commitment that we give to our clients to keep their machines up and running and this ethos runs through the whole business. Our first deal for a Lindner machine was in 2008 into the SRF market which was relatively new at that time and since then we have gone from strength to strength with the brand. Moving three times through huge growth from 2,000sqft to 12,000sqft to our new 27,000sqft facility here in Oldham we have invested
heavily in these new headquarters creating new servicing workshops, fabrication facility, paint shop, extensive parts facility and offices which house our management, sales and customer care operations. We currently employ 27 people here.
“As well as the main Lindner focussed areas at this new HQ we also have 5 bays here where we can also re-manufacture existing machines for our clients so they go back out just like new and again we fully support these machines with servicing. We have a new engineering area here where we make and repair parts for these machines. By doing this it gives our clients extra life on their old machines and allows them to run existing machines along-side their Lindner machines.
“As far as market share in the UK is concerned we have around 90-95% of the SRF marketplace with Lindner shredders and we see huge growth opportunities in waste wood recycling, plastic recycling and Lindner’s quality range of mobile shredders. We have set up a new dept here for the mobile shredders as they demand specialist roles for sales and service and we expect to increase our turnover from £9m this year to £11m in 2020.
Parts & Servicing
David told us more about the parts facility “We are extremely proud of our in-house parts facility which is based here in Oldham and we carry around £500,000 of parts in stock at any one time and this covers virtually all parts across all
Some of the Mach Tech team at their new HQ September/October 2019 - Issue 58
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