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The AggStorm modular wash plant:
The unique and innovative AggStormTM modular wash plant brings together rinsing, scrubbing & screening capabilities on a single transportable chassis. Primarily designed for the processing of construction & demolition waste, the AggStormTM at MPH is producing three grades of 40mm, 20mm and 10mm aggregate along with pre-screening a 0/2mm and 0/5mm sand product.
The McCloskey specification included a dual power R105 scalping screen which feeds a minus 40mm into the AggstormTM 150 log washer to produce a clean product which is split into three aggregate fractions. The -5mm sand is processed through the Compact Sand Plant 120 creating two grades of sand.
In particular the AggstormTM 150 log washer has many features that make it stand out from other similar products in the market, including the variable speed drive for the shafts that allow you to alter the retention time. However, one feature that really seemed to capture the attention of all at the event was the MWS patented side door access system.
This advanced engineering breakthrough makes it the only log washer in the industry that has been designed with absolute focus on the machine operator for ease of maintenance.
Ben Frettsome - MWS Sales & Applications Manager, commented, “The system has been designed to allow the operator access to the hull from a standing platform when carrying out maintenance tasks such as the removal of rope, rags or wire from the shafts and blades which is a common occurrence within this sector. Previously operators would be required to lay on top of the hull face down to carry out this process, which posed issues both with health & safety, along
with a much longer downtime for the operator.”
The wash plant at MPH also includes a full water management system incorporating a 9-metre diameter low-level rake thickener along with a filter press. This enables the customer to recycle more than 95% of the water used in the washing system. For this application MPH are utilising a 1500mm x 1500mm x 130 plate filter press for the slurry dehydration which is produced from the rake thickener.
The filter press produces a dry solid ‘cake’ with a residual moisture content of below 22% which allows for this to be transported immediately. This is in complete comparison to other methods such as centrifuges or traditional tailings ponds which require multiple handling and days to dry. This is also a huge benefit as it allows a separate revenue stream to be created through the sale of this ‘by-product’ to several local industries.
Mark Monk -Director at Monk Plant Hire, commented, “At a time when operators are focused more than ever on maximising efficiencies within their sand and aggregate processing operations, our plant at MPH provides evidence
that there are significant opportunities to be taken advantage of with the processing of recycled waste.”
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