Van Dalen Recycling/Terex Fuchs MHL350

Van Dalen Recycling/Terex Fuchs MHL350

Looking to expand and modernise their material handling fleet international recycling contractor Van Dalen have recently invested in a trio of new material handlers from Blue Machinery to work in their UK operations. Working from six facilities in the UK Van Dalen have been using a variety of material handling equipment throughout their operations in both the UK and Europe but recent investments in Terex Fuchs handlers in Europe has led to three new MHL350E material handlers being added to their UK fleet.

Situated in their Chatham, Dagenham and Sheffield processing centres the MHL350Es are the latest generation of the Terex Fuchs line up and are equipped with the latest Blue Evolution, emission compliant Tier4 engines. The 6 cylinder Deutz engine delivers a healthy 160Kw yet is very fuel efficient, a fact that was not lost in Van Dalen's purchasing decision. An intelligent engine management system and a high-performance cooling system protect against overloading and deliver real benefits in efficiency. "We looked at two other manufacturers before we placed the order for the Fuchs machines," explained Sheffield Operations Manager Ben May. "Whilst costs for the base machines where similar, the fact that the Fuchs machine could potentially offer significant cost savings over its rivals made the whole life cost for the package more enticing. Although it is early days we are very pleased with the fuel economy of the new machines." confirms Mr May

Van Dalen's Sheffield operation takes in approximately 16,000 tonnes of metals per month with materials processed through a state-of-the-art shredder or cut into manageable lengths in a large capacity shear. Ensuring the incoming material is sorted and loaded into the various systems the company counts on the reliability of their material handlers. The experience of the Terex Fuchs machines in their continental operations has given the UK operation the confidence to alter their purchasing habit and take the three, 37.5 tonne handlers into their fleet.

Fitted with an 8.5m boom and 7.2m dipper stick the MHL350E carries a 1m3 cactus grab and is used primarily for feeding the shear with imported materials. The imposing shear is situated some way off the ground and the excellent reach and capacity afforded by the Fuchs means that the operator is able to work a wide area around the machine without compromising on loading capacity. Loading the shear is only part of the Fuchs duties. Trimmed materials exit the shear and are then loaded into bulk arctic tippers to be transported to local steelworks or for export and the loading of the materials is another task which the Fuchs is expected to undertake. The MHL350E is fitted with a hydraulically elevating cabin which improves the operators vision into the truck bodies. "The operator loves the new cab" explains Mr May "The controls are well laid out and very intuitive. With the raised cabin the operator can see into the tipper bodies making sure all voids are filled and the trucks leave the site with the maximum of payload on board."

Stability of the machines is of major importance when loading both the shear and bulkers and the excellent, wide platform afforded by the MHL350E with its independent four-point stabilisers means that the machine stands firm even at full reach with a full grab. Hydrostatic four-wheel-drive means that even if conditions underfoot are not ideal, machine relocation should not be hindered.

With their new purchases being in operation only a few weeks the management at Van Dalen's Sheffield operation are already seeing the benefits of the MHL350E with improved operator comfort, improved fuel economy and increased productivity.

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