GE Capital capitalises on Vision Techniques' top-of-the-range safety equipment

GE Capital capitalises on Vision Techniques' top-of-the-range safety equipment

The world's largest supplier of vehicle leasing and fleet management has fitted its first fully electric Transit Connect van with cutting-edge Vision Techniques safety technology.

With a view to give fleet operators real-world experience of operating electric vans, GE Capital recently showcased the vehicle at The CV Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

GE Capital came to Vision Techniques to find a solution to meet its client's safety regulations – a cutting-edge audible alarm and reversing camera system for the van.

With a relatively small van interior, the Vision Techniques team soon decided an innovative Mirror Monitor system would be the best option.

In addition to saving space, the Mirror Monitor allows for vehicles to be left unattended without the worry of the monitor being stolen.

The ultra compact reversing camera system, which thieves may think is a GPS system, is transformed so it looks like an ordinary mirror.

The van's shape and dimensions meant the best option was a shark fin camera, mounted onto one of the doors on the rear, because the doors are curved at the top. A normal camera would not have seen past the protruding doors.

An audible talking reverse alarm is also fitted to the van, reproducing speech with perfect clarity.
Pippa Hinchcliffe, Sales Manager at Vision Techniques, said: "The talking alarm can be silenced during restricted hours by an inhibitor kit.

"This is a temporary measure and means it cannot be silenced permanently. It is a conscious decision made by the driver.

"The alarm warning says 'caution this vehicle is reversing', and it is activated via the reverse gear."

The audible alarm is mounted on the rear chassis, with a hole drilled though and a bolt to hold it in place. The mirror monitor is powered from the centre console and earthed through the chassis.

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