VT Side Alert™ warning system takes market by storm

VT Side Alert™ warning system takes market by storm

An innovative new warning system, which stops vehicles from hitting cyclists and pedestrians, is becoming widely popular throughout the UK.

The high demand for the new 'VT Side Alert™' system follows Crossrail, the new £15bn rail construction project for London, implementing a strict policy that all its contracted Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) are fitted with such devices.

According to Crossrail, all vehicles must be fitted with blind spot proximity sensors, side under-run guards and warning alerts for cyclists.

HGVs not fitted with safety equipment for cyclists will be refused entry. A number of lorries have already been turned away from its sites.

Andy Mitchell, Crossrail Programme Director, said: "Crossrail sets high standards for lorries operating on the project and views the safety of all road users, including cyclists, as a significant priority."

With more cyclists and pedestrians on the roads than ever before, fleet managers have become acutely aware of the need for systems such as Vision Techniques' revolutionary new VT Side Alert™ system.

Both cyclists and pedestrians often listen to music with headphones on, which significantly reduces their concentration.

As a vehicle turns left, the VT Side Alert™ sensors will detect obstacles alongside it and emit an audible warning to alert the driver as well as speaking alarm to cyclists or pedestrians.

In addition to the audible alarms, VT Side Alert™ can include an LED lightboard fitted on the side of the vehicle close to the cab, positioned at a convenient height in order to attract the attention of cyclists and pedestrians.

VT Side Alert™ is activated when the driver engages the left hand indicator switch.
Nigel Armstrong, of Vision Techniques, said: "With VT Side Alert™, pedestrians and cyclists are fully protected. The system is a proven to prevent collisions, giving peace of mind to operatives and fleet managers."

Vision Techniques leads the way in vehicle safety with an innovative range of exceptional cutting-edge products.

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