North West Recycling Installs More Mastermag equipment

North West Recycling Installs More Mastermag equipment

Magnetic separators are commonly used in skip waste applications for the reclamation of recyclable metals. With scrap metals being particularly valuable at the moment, the incentive to divert them from landfill sites is much more significant and investments in these projects are seeing much quicker returns. Master Magnets are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Magnetic Separation and Industrial Metal Detection equipment.

The wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous separators that are manufactured at their UK facility are each designed to handle specific applications to ensure that the most cost effective solution is always applied. UK skip hire company North West Recycling, recently purchased their seventh Magnetic Separator unit from Master Magnets.

Having been a valued Mastermag customer since 2009, the first of the companies two recycling sites now incorporates Overband Separators, a Magnetic Conveyor Pulley and an Eddy Current Separator System. The Overband Magnets have been installed at three areas of the waste site for the extraction of large ferrous contaminants. The self-cleaning magnet systems are most commonly fitted above conveyor belts to provide a continuous separation of metals.

Following on from a secondary separation process carried out by the magnetic conveyor pulley, the waste material is then fed onto the ECS125 Eddy Current Separator where non ferrous metals such as aluminium are then separated from the remaining non-metallic product. At the companies second site, a 750mm wide Eddy Current Separator that incorporates a Rare Earth Drum Magnet is being used to process around 4 tonnes per hour of wood chip material.

As shown in the images below, the wood chip is fed over the Drum Magnets surface by a vibratory feeder. Any ferrous contaminants such as nails and screws are held to the magnetic surface and discharged behind the centre-line of the Drum, whilst the wood chip simply free falls onto the Eddy Current conveyor.

CEO of North West Recycling, Mr. Rick Allan writes: The Master Magnets equipment that we have incorporated into our waste processing plants has been performing very well. The customer service that we get from Mastermag is also great and we will continue to contact them for any future Magnetic Separator requirements that we may have.

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