Innovative tiles help combat abrasion

Innovative tiles help combat abrasion

Combatting erosion in bulk handling systems has always been a challenge for operators of quarries and minerals processing plants, but a Derbyshire-based company has developed an innovative solution that’s proved successful in a range of applications.

The Greenbank Group has recently seen increasing interest in its acclaimed ‘CeraMat’ rubber backed ceramic tile mats that can be used in chutes, hoppers and other critical areas to reduce sliding wear and to absorb low to medium impacts.

Ray Moorehead, Greenbank Sales and Marketing Director, explained: “As plants look to become more efficient and reduce maintenance expenses we’ve seen increasing demand from operators looking for more cost-effective ways to extend the operating life of their handling systems.”

“Tough wear resistant ceramics, a key part of our wear protection product range, have proven their durability over a number of years across traditional bulk materials handling sectors such as coal, steel, cement, mineral processing and quarrying.

“Today, as we also apply our expertise servicing the emerging environmental sectors such as bulk recycling and waste to energy, materials applied to extend plant life have needed to be more flexible in their use”

Easily installed by means of bonding onto the pre-prepared and cleaned substrate, CeraMat - with 92% alumina tiles moulded into a vulcanised rubber backing - gives users a degree of flexibility to cover flat, concave or convex surfaces. Allied to their rubber backing, they can also help reduce plant noise.

Off the shelf standard sizes of the plain mat are 500mm x 500mm x 15mm including 10mm alumina ceramic tiles embedded into the rubber and available ex-works delivery. At Greenbank’s manufacturing facility in Derbyshire, the CeraMat mats can also be cut to suit meet the bespoke requirements of customers, prior to delivery to site.

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