New developments in Baioni Dehydration Systems

Recent new developments within the water treatment sector for the Environment Division of Baioni of Italy have seen a whole new generation of decanter centrifuges being developed that are suitable for quarry, recycling and environmental applications. This new generation will complement the existing BaiPod and CentriPod series. 

The key advantage of the new Baioni decanter units is its concept of mobility and transportability that can be a ‘plus’ for every customers’ applications. This allows maximum flexibility in adjusting standardized machines to meet individual customers’ challenges without the risks and costs associated with customized prototype solutions.

The current growing demand for washed aggregates requires the management of water and reclamation of silts and, as regard this, Baioni have been at the forefront for many years with the centrifuge systems.

The recent improvements to the BaiPod and CentriPod range have been to make site installation quick and easy, by designing pod units that can be trailer-mounted on the client’s own trailer or of course can be supplied complete by Baioni; also the purpose containerised unit can be supplied for installing fast on the client’s own prepared base. This type of installation can be very rapidly carried out, with the correct pre-planning of the sludge supply water and power, ‘plug and go’ which can be carried out within the day.

Silt and water collection
This issue is now becoming a very urgent problem within the UK due to new Health and Safety Regulations regarding storage lagoons; this type of storage and collection is very costly to manage - i.e. large land area involved which could otherwise be put to good use, costly fencing and de-silting of lagoons.

Recycled aggregates
With the growth of the recycled industry and the current demand of washed aggregates, Baioni has designed their current range of centrifuge decanter systems to be compact, portable or mobile which makes it possible to process water and silt within very small areas and within urban areas, what would be otherwise difficult with other types of water treatment systems.

Baioni range of BaiPod systems
The Baioni range of Centrifuge systems have been designed to provide for tonnages from 1 to 40 tonne per hour of solids collection. Solid cake generated is suitable for landfill or other disposal and recycling options. The BaiPod unit is the ideal complement to any dehydration system with its own PLC control system. Experience and many proven installations are gathered together into an easy-to-operate machine interface that is simple to integrate into existing or new plants; this ensures a short start-up time thanks to full factory pre-testing. It is also simple to adapt for future plant expansion due to the modular PLC system with long-term availability of spare parts. The result is higher machine availability and better performance by using the verified control package for every centrifuge-related functionality. The PLC control system also means less downtime due to preventive maintenance alarms, with peace of mind thanks to machine automation.

Range available

  • BaiPod 36L | 2 to 5 tonne per hour solids collection
  • BaiPod 47L | 5 to 8 tonne per hour solids collection 
  • BaiPod 65 | 8 to 13 tonne per
  • BaiPod 65L | 13 to 20 tonne per 
  • BaiPod 65L twin units | 30 to 40 tonne per hour

BaiPod systems
They can be supplied as skid-mounted units which can easily be installed within buildings or containerised units which can be easily be mounted on client’s own base, or on to the appropriate flat trailer, also can be supplied fitted into box trailers for the transport from site to site.

All BaiPod systems come as complete units with flocculent system, touchscreen control panel, auger discharge and feed pump.

Ancillary equipment
Option of complimentary equipment can be supplied such as agitated buffer tanks, thickener tank systems.

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