Eco Friendly Installations Buys Doosan Compressor to Power Radial Drilling for Ground Source Heating

Eco Friendly Installations Buys Doosan Compressor to Power Radial Drilling for Ground Source Heating

Eco Friendly Installations Limited, the radial drilling specialist for ground source heating based at Aberdovey in Gwynedd in North Wales, has purchased a new 14/115 portable air compressor from Doosan Portable Power.

In contrast to most ground source companies, Eco Friendly Installations takes projects from the initial enquiry right through to the completed installation, carrying out all aspects including surveying, drilling and heat pump installation.

Compressed air from the new Doosan 14/115 compressor is used to power the down the hole hammer on the radial drilling rig owned by Eco Friendly Installations. By combining the movement of the air operated drilling hammer on the rig with that of an outer sleeve, bore holes are cut and stabilised. This tooling configuration handles both mixed ground and rock conditions with ease whilst guaranteeing bore stability.

Gareth Davies, Production Manager at Eco Friendly Installations, said: "The new Doosan compressor ensures we have a reliable source of compressed air for the radial drilling process. With a free air delivery of 11.3 m3/min (400 cfm) and an output pressure of 14 bar, the compressed air from the new 14/115 compressor provides the driving force for the hammer we use to drill the bore holes."

Like all Doosan compressors, the 14/115 model is built to withstand the rigours of everyday applications in the toughest conditions. The package design of the 14/115 compressor offers easy access to the engine and other components and all service areas have been carefully designed for ease of inspection, maintenance and repair.

Geothermal energy

Ground source heat pumps work by utilising geothermal energy, in the form of heat retained in the ground from when the planet was formed and from the heat of the sun. There are several different methods of collecting this heat and each vary in efficiency.

Traditional technologies are based on vertically orientated boreholes. These processes are expensive, presuppose a well trained drilling team and very often cause damage to land and gardens. It is not surprising then that drilling costs regularly represent more than 50% of the entire investment, hindering potential customers from investing in geothermal heating systems.

The Geothermal Radial Drilling (GRD) method first introduced into the UK by Eco Friendly Installations is a compact, slanted bore method where one central drill chamber is used to install heat pipes radially in all directions and angles of inclination, even under existing buildings.

This method maximises the efficiency from the geology of the ground and allows installation in more challenging situations and restricted sites than has previously been possible. The disruption is minimal and installations can be completed in just a few days, proving more efficient and cost effective than traditional methods.

Once the bores are drilled into the ground, pipes (or loops) are inserted. These loops are then filled with water which is heated by the geothermal energy. In Britain, the average temperature of the ground is around 8 °C. Once the water has been heated to this temperature it is then pumped back to the heat pump where it is compressed - increasing the temperature so that it may be used for domestic hot water and heating.

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