CoaLogix partners with Martin Engineering for innovative solution to SCR ash buildups

CoaLogix partners with Martin Engineering  for innovative solution to SCR ash buildups

CoaLogix and its subsidiary SCR-Tech LLC, (Charlotte, NC) have reached an agreement with Martin Engineering to market unique systems for clearing ash buildup from selective catalyst reduction (SCR) used in power plant emissions control. Under the agreement, CoaLogix and its representatives will provide Martin Engineering technologies (including sonic horns and air cannons) for applications in SCRs and other pollution control systems in coal-fired power facilities across North America.

"Martin Engineering's proprietary sonic horn and air cannon designs will complement CoaLogix' expertise in SCR management to deliver effective technologies for improving pollution control and raising power plant operating efficiencies," observed Scott Hutter, Martin Engineering President and CEO.

Bill McMahon, CEO of CoaLogix said, "We believe this combination of industry-leading technologies will provide unique strategies for our customers. We are very pleased to team up with Martin Engineering. This addition of Martin's ash cleaning products will strengthen CoaLogix' catalyst management services to its customers and enables us to offer more comprehensive solutions to their issues with pollution control equipment."

Coal-fired power plants employ SCR reactors to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the plant exhaust gases to reduce air pollution and comply with federal regulations. Over time, the catalyst inside these reactors is subject to the buildup of fly ash from the exhaust gases, reducing its efficiency.

For more than 40 years, Martin Engineering has been a leader in innovative applications for air cannons, which use the controlled discharge of compressed air to reduce blockages and improve material flow. The firm has pioneered a new technology employing air cannons in combination with sonic horns to more completely prevent fly ash accumulation in SCRs.

CoaLogix is the leading provider of SCR management services and catalyst regeneration technologies used by coal-fired power plants to reduce NOx emissions. The company is focused on providing innovative services to coal-fired generating facilities to reduce their environmental footprint through technology, equipment optimization and efficiency improvements. For more information, visit the CoaLogix website.

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