Linatex introduce new Genesis Cyclone

Linatex introduce new Genesis Cyclone
Linatex has used Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling and specialist design principals to develop the new range of Linatex Genesis hydro cyclones.  Incorporating a number of new features, the Genesis will provide improved classification efficiency and product recovery.

Featuring an involute swept entry design the Genesis produces a smooth, ribbon like flow regime inside the hydro cyclone for reduced turbulence and sharper classification.

An interchangeable inlet wedge is a unique feature of the Linatex Genesis hydro cyclone.  The wedge allows operators the opportunity to quickly change the size of the inlet and fine tune the performance of the hydro cyclone without physically removing it from the process line.

As feed slurry enters the feedbox the velocity of the feed rate throws the slurry towards the outer walls of the hydro cyclone. The scrolled and swept inlet head allows the cyclone feed to be introduced to the hydro cyclone without interfering with the separation stream.  This ensures all centrifugal forces acting on the slurry during separation are maximized and turbulence is minimized.

The geometry of the hydro cyclone then moves the slurry downwards in a spiral thus avoiding more incoming fresh slurry. This gives the advantage that the system will always maintain maximum possible laminar flow. As the material spins in the cyclone the particles start to separate by weight and density. At this point the cut point of particle size required is achieved; the remainder passing through and out of the hydro cyclone. A partial pressure drop will be set-up in the core of the cyclone which allows particles to pass upwards and out of the unit.

Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling were used to design the round to rectangular feed transition area to reduce operational pressures and minimize wear and operational costs.

The new Genesis hydro cyclone also incorporates a number of other design advantages which include the reduction of maintenance costs due to the superior resistance to abrasion of the wear liners. This improved liner wear performance also maintains internal geometries and in turn provides operational separation efficiencies for longer periods. Drop-in replacement liners permit economical on -site maintenance.

With a broad range of hydro cyclone sizes and configurations available, optimum equipment selection is assured with experienced Linatex engineers providing full performance modeling and technical engineering support for each cyclone installation.

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