Visit Mentor on stand P43 at Hillhead to find out how the MPQC Plant Operator Card Scheme affects mobile plant training and assessments

Visit Mentor on stand P43 at Hillhead to find out how the MPQC Plant Operator Card Scheme affects mobile plant training and assessments

Following revised guidance from the HSE (SIM Ref> 03/2005/15) on the subject of competence, MPQC have refined their card scheme to ensure there is clarity between training, experience and competence.

What does it mean for mobile plant training?
For novice operators or experienced but untrained operators, a certificate of training will be issued following the completion of a training course. The operator will then undergo site supervised operation on the equipment, where they will complete a log of operation hours (number of hours to be determined by the company). On completion of their operational experience hours, operators will then go on to complete a final health and safety and operational assessment and if successful gain their accredited red Assessed Operator's card. This card will be valid for 2 years and is not renewable; during this 2 year period operators should be working towards completing their VQ or MPQC endorsed qualification.

For experienced trained operators, a red card can be obtained by completing the required health and safety and operational assessment.

Proving Competence for Mobile Plant Operators and gaining a Blue Card
To obtain a blue card operators must gain a plant relevant Vocational Qualification or a relevant qualification endorsed by MPQC which also meets the National Occupational Standards. This must be completed within 2 years of obtaining their red card. Once this has been achieved the operator will gain a blue Competent Operator card which is valid for a maximum of 5 years (or for a lesser period determined by the specific company's refresher policy). This is renewable by a reassessment on the individual piece of equipment.

For those operators that already hold a relevant Vocational Qualification or MPQC endorsed qualification they can apply for a blue card though completing a health and safety and operational assessment and by producing the relevant certificate as proof of their qualification.

What happens if the recognised VQ and MPQC endorsed qualification are not achievable or suitable to the job role of the operator?
It has been recognised that there are some personnel who would not be able to achieve a Vocational Qualification or equivalent on mobile plant (e.g. managers/supervisors who drive 4x4). In these cases a separate Concessionary card can be issued. Those requiring a concessionary card can liaise with Mentor, who will arrange for the required forms to be completed.

Training with Mentor
All Mentor Plant training courses are fully compliant with the new scheme and mapped to the relevant National Occupational Standards (Operational Units) to ensure operators have all the operational skills to aid them in achieving a Vocational Qualification and meeting industry guidance.

There has been a slight change to the training process with Mentor but through direct consultation with MPQC and our customers this has been kept to a minimum. Mentor will work with you directly to assist you with the new scheme and ensure there is a smooth transition.

Mentor can manage the whole process from the completion of training and assessments through to the issuing of the Blue cards. We can even help you to organise the appropriate competence qualification for mobile or processing plant Level 2 Certificate or Diploma in Plant Operations (Extractives) (QCF) OR Processing Operations in the Extractive and Minerals Processing Industries.

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