BedRock Announces: AggFlow with Track-Mounted (mobile) Equipment

BedRock Announces:  AggFlow with Track-Mounted (mobile) Equipment
 BedRock Software, LLC (BedRock) has created another industry first by releasing AggFlow with Track-Mounted (mobile) equipment simulation capability.  BedRock has developed this new and innovative approach starting with Powerscreen International's line of crushing and screening equipment.  "As we build our track-mounted data library this will be an important and revolutionary development for the industry" said Bryan Lewis, President of BedRock and inventor of the AggFlow program.

AggFlow is used by aggregate producers, equipment manufacturers and dealers in more than 60 countries to simulate aggregate and mining operations.  Now, users can calculate mass aggregate and water balances flowing through a plant simulation using stationary and mobile equipment.  Thus optimizing and maximizing production of desired products.

AggFlow simulations help improve profitability by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks; by accurately assessing the impact of proposed changes or new equipment before they are made; and by reducing plant down-time and production errors.  AggFlow also helps track and reduce emissions and fuel consumption by refining overall plant efficiency.  The program, available in English, Spanish and French versions, is extremely popular because it is accurate & easy to use.

Users can select from the pre-populated equipment data library or install their own equipment models in the program using the generic equipment application.  BedRock is constantly adding to the AggFlow data library and will add equipment upon request.  Currently, the program provides calculations for more than 2,500 models of aggregate crushing, screening and washing equipment.

A new help system and many other important features are included in the latest release.  AggFlow with Track-Mounted simulation is available Free to all currently licensed AggFlow users.  Visit the AggFlow website for more detailed information.


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