New Driver ID System provides safe operation of all types of plant and machinery

New Driver ID System provides safe operation of all types of plant and machinery
Vision Techniques, are recognized as the UK leaders and one of the World's premier suppliers of mobile CCTV and vehicle reversing safety aids. Offering quality and value their comprehensive ranges of market leading products are proven throughout all industries, offering a fit and forget reliability. Recent in-house technical developments have now provided the platform for the company to launch the DRIVER ID System.

Mobile Equipment.
Utilising the latest RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology this unique system is designed to allow only an authorised and certified driver to operate machinery. A tag worn by the operator transmits a unique code which is interrogated by the decoder unit within the cab, which is integrated into the vehicles electrical system; if the tag is recognised as a valid authorised tag then the vehicle will start.

Safety and/or Health benefits.

  • Only authorised drivers can operate the machinery.
  • No keypad where the code can be passed verbally.
  • Automatic shutdown of the vehicle if driver exits with the engine running.
  • Anti-theft.
  • Auto shutdown if running in neutral for a set time, providing fuel saving and longer service intervals.
  • Full management accountability of the machine, and operator identification should an incident occur. 

The operation of the system depends on every driver carrying a unique tag, which transmits a code to the decoder unit. The unit can be programmed with individual tag numbers, which are allowed to operate the vehicle.  On entering the vehicle, the driver's tag is interrogated; if it is recognised then the system will allow the vehicle to be operated. Conversely on exiting the vehicle, if the engine is left running, the system will recognise that the tag has left the cab and shut the vehicle down, thus preventing unauthorised use.

The Driver ID system will also log each tag entry and exit giving management a detailed analysis of who was operating the vehicle and at what specific times during the working day. The unit also takes a neutral feed to monitor idling time which will enable the unit to stop the vehicle should it idle for longer than a pre-set period of time thus; saving fuel, engine wear, and increasing the time between service intervals. The system also incorporates a user definable shut-out where a start and stop time can be selected when the vehicle will not accept a tag, thus preventing use of the vehicle outside normal production hours. An added benefit of this function is that theft of the vehicle and unauthorised stock movement is made more difficult.

Utilising the information gained from the internal memory it is possible to assess vehicle usage and utilisation thus enabling a more informed decision for machine selection whenever a vehicle needs replacing. All the functions of this unit are determined via a computer programme where relay delay times, idling times and authorised drivers unique ID codes are inputted, to suit an operator's particular requirements.

The system is multi-functional and will replace anti-theft devices, engine immobilisers, driver ID logging systems, and certain aspects of engine management systems, whilst providing detailed usage information. 

Additional applications. 
The system can also be incorporated into static plant where should an emergency evacuation occur and the operator has to move to a position of safety, leaving the plant unattended; then on leaving the plant the relays will operate sequentially to shut the plant down safely without endangering any personnel.

Due to the unique nature of the way the RFID DRIVER ID system operates, it can be integrated into any number of processes as a primary safety device, ensuring safe sequential shut down should an incident occur, without putting an operator in direct danger.

It can be incorporated into static or mobile plant, fuel dispensing equipment, bulk blowers or any equipment which require an operator to be present whenever work is carried out. Vision Techniques Driver ID Technology has limitless applications in the quarry and mining industries to improve the safe operation of all types of plant and machinery.

See this new system on the Vision Techniques stand no A6 at Hillhead 2007.

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