Hybrid Air Cannon Provides More Force Output With Less Air Consumption

Hybrid Air Cannon Provides More Force Output  With Less Air Consumption

A global leader in material flow aid technology has introduced a new hybrid air cannon design. The Martin® Typhoon Extreme Air Cannon features the simple one-line plumbing of a traditional solenoid operation with the power, efficiency and ease of maintenance advanced centrally-located valve designs. Supplying more force output with less air consumption than traditional air cannons, the Martin® Typhoon Extreme Air Cannon delivers outstanding performance with minimal setup.

The complete valve assembly can be removed in one easy step and replaced within minutes, working from one side of the tank, eliminating the need to ever remove the tank from the vessel for service. Requiring only one air line to fill the tank and trigger valve, minimal plumbing is required. The air cannon assembly features a rigid steel mount that tolerates vibration for improved durability.

The Typhoon Extreme Air Cannon's negative pressure firing provides effective performance in challenging applications with limited budgets. Using the same tank as Martin Engineering's Hurricane Supreme Air Cannon, the Typhoon can easily be upgraded to a positive pressure-firing Hurricane valve to provide even greater output force. The new air cannon system is an ideal upgrade for the Martin® Extra High Velocity Air Cannon.

There are three models available; 35 liter (72 lb/33 kg), 70 liter (88 lb/40kg) and 150 liter (124 lb/56 kg). Specific launch dates of this new product may vary slightly, depending on the country/region.

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