Hydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioner

Hydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioner
Flexicon (Europe) Ltd have announced a new Hydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioner.  The system loosens bulk solid material that has solidified during storage and shipment, enabling bulk bag unloaders to discharge such material through bag spouts.  It is especially intended for bulk bags containing hygroscopic chemicals, certain types of spice blends, heat-sensitive products and other materials prone to solidifying to the point at which pneumatically-actuated flow promotion accessories integral to bulk bag dischargers are inefficient or completely ineffective.

The conditioner features two hydraulic rams with specially-contoured end plates to press opposing sides of bulk bags.   An optional, hydraulically-actuated, variable-height turntable allows in-frame bag rotation and conditioning of bulk bags at varying heights.  The number and pressure of hydraulic ram actuations, the height of the turntable and the number of 90-degree rotations are user-adjustable.  

The system controller and hydraulic pump can be mounted on the exterior of the safety cage or remotely. 

The conditioner is fully enclosed on all four sides for operator safety and includes full-height doors that are interlocked to prevent operation of the system when the doors are open.

Available as a stand alone unit or integral component of a bulk bag discharger, the unit measures  2210mm  H x 3378mm W x 1981mm D.  It accommodates bulk bags of all popular sizes and requires only an electrical power connection for operation.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Alan Walton
General Sales Manager
Flexicon (Europe) Ltd.
89 Lower Herne Road
Herne Bay
Kent CT6 7PH
Tel:         +44 (0) 1227 374710             
Fax:         +44 (0) 1227 365821


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