ECY brings FRD Furukawa hydraulic breakers to the UK

ECY brings FRD Furukawa hydraulic breakers to the UK

ECY is delighted to announce that it is now a nationwide supplier for the full range of FRD Furukawa (FRD) rock breaker attachments.

FRD is very well respected in the UK, but, unfortunately, has not always been afforded the back-up and service which it deserves. This is set to change now that it has teamed up with ECY, the longest-established and most experienced breaker dealer in the UK, whose renowned support and service are widely recognised within the industry.

With more than a 130-year track record, FRD has a base of design experience which is second to none. The company manufactures all of its products in its own factories, using only the best materials and under the most stringent quality control. A policy of constant improvement has created a range of products of unsurpassed performance.

Richard Yarwood, managing director at ECY, comments: “It’s great that we’re now a nationwide dealer for these products. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the very best in demolition equipment — and the FRD hydraulic breakers are definitely among them.

“When you couple an excellent product with low-maintenance, no breakdown time and excellent support — you’re definitely onto a winner.”

Behind their simple exterior, FRD’s breakers hide many years’ experience, careful learning and intelligent design. There are hundreds of reasons to let FRD’s products do your work.


- High power/weight ratio — the use of high-quality materials and the highest-quality production processes results in a hammer body with less weight, yet higher output/performance.

- Minimum moving parts — the fewer moving parts, the less parts will wear. This reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

- Adjustable valve — the breaker can be adjusted to any specification of the carrying excavator and to each required optimal working condition.

- High reliability — the use of the best-quality materials and the highest-quality standards in production securely creates a product which will work longer and is more efficient.

- Low maintenance — high-quality materials give a longer lifetime to each part, drastically reducing the total maintenance cost.

- Lowest lifetime cost — over long periods, the advantages of less downtime and fewer parts to replace result in a cost per year which is the lowest in the market.

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