Martin Engineering introduces improved, smaller Insertable Dust Collectors

Martin Engineering introduces improved, smaller Insertable Dust Collectors
(Neponset IL)-Martin Engineering has introduced an upgraded version of the MARTIN® Insertable Dust Collector, featuring improved filters and a smaller footprint, to control airborne dust at belt conveyor loading points and other bulk material handling operations.

The improved MARTIN® Insertable Collector features smaller filter elements that are approximately one-eighth the size of the filter envelopes of the previous system. The mesh-like material filters better and lasts longer while consuming less energy than conventional filter bags. The upgraded filters allow a reduction of the size of the fans used to move air through the filter elements and therefore reduce the power consumption of the collection system.

The smaller filter elements allow a significant reduction in the dust collector's "footprint," allowing the insertable collector to be installed in locations where tight quarters complicate the installation of the other systems.

The MARTIN® Insertable Collectors feature a pulse cleaning system where a short pulse of air is sent back through the filter to dislodge accumulated material. Filter change is a one-hand, no-tool procedure from the clean side of the dust collector.

Installation of insertable dust collectors will eliminate many of the problems seen
with central "baghouse" collection systems, including long runs of ducting, large enclosures, maintenance difficulties, and high power consumption.

New MARTIN® Insertable Collectors are suitable for applications with non-explosive materials in non-hazardous locations.

For more information on improved MARTIN® Insertable Dust Collectors, see a Martin Engineering representative or visit the company website at

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